At Cooks Spinney we have high expectations of behaviour and conduct for our pupils. Children in all year groups are taught to take responsibility for their actions and make positive choices regarding their conduct. The school uses a variety of initiatives to manage and reward behaviour. Please see below for further details. 

Class Dojo

At Cooks Spinney we use a system to support the children with their in-class behaviour called Class Dojo.  Class Dojo is a child, parent and carer-friendly web-based platform that the children find extremely motivating.  Each child has their own avatar that they can change online and throughout the week they are awarded points for good behaviour.  Points can also be taken away if they are not following school rules.  Each class has their own way of rewarding those who get the most points and you can be sure the children love being the Dojo champ! Dojo is a great way to reinforce the high expectations we have of behaviour at Cooks Spinney at home.

Information for parents can be found here -

Golden Rules 

The school has 6 simple 'Golden Rules' which are reinforced throughout the school including during assemblies. The Golden Rules are easy to follow and clear for children of all ages and abilities to understand. We insist that all children follow these rules during the school day. 

1. We are gentle - we don't harm others.

2. We are kind and helpful - we don't hurt other's feelings. 

3. We listen - we don't interrupt. 

4. We are honest - we don't cover up the truth. 

5. We work hard - we don't waste time.

6. We look after property - we don't damage things. 

Effort Points and Achievement Apples

Effort points are rewarded at the class teacher's discretion for children making a positive move forward in their learning or behaviour. 

Effort points are converted into Pips, and Pips lead to an Achievement Apple. 

Achievement Apples are awarded in Friday's Achievement Assembly and families are invited along to share this special experience.    

Behaviour Policy 

Our behaviour policy is available to download in the 'policies and documents' section found under the 'Information' tab.