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Wow Day!

Wow Day!

Posted: 1st November 2017

Every day is a wow day at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy.

The school gets enthusiasm for every new topic started with a Wow day each half-term.

The latest Wow day saw Year 4 dress up in Ancient Egyptian and Greek costumes and work with Freshwater Theatre Company to indulge in their project.

An interactive performance drew pupils in to the ancient civilisations as they demonstrated what they had already learned. They also took part in Greek dancing and Egyptian singing through the day.

Tracy Pope, Year 4 teacher, said: “The day was absolutely amazing and the children loved it. They were time-travellers for the day and were so enthusiastic to learn more.

“We are now seeing our topics run through every subject, so they have been reading about Tutankhamun so they can refer back to the literature, focusing on the Olympics in PE and doing maths with a Greek theme; it’s all interlinked as part of our enriched curriculum. We just grab hold of a topic and make it amazing.

“We know pupils are enjoying their work when parents are telling us they have a real thirst for the topic and are doing their own research at home.”

As part of the topic, pupils were given a three-week homework project where families were encouraged to work together to produce anything they wanted on the theme.

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