Year 2 - Butterflies and Ladybirds

Summer Term 2018


Summer Term


Dear parents/carers,


Thanks again for another fantastic term at Cooks Spinney. As always, we appreciate the work and effort you put in outside of school, to foster growth and development in all students.



This term, students will be focusing on positional language, directions, and turns (clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn etc.), reading an analogue clock to the nearest minute, as well as measuring weight and capacity. We encourage students to review material and complete homework to reinforce the lessons taught at school.



For literacy, students will be using a variety of literary features (similes, metaphors, alliteration etc.) to create poetry. Students will be learning “The Michael Rosen Rap” in preparation for Michael Rosen’s visit to Cooks Spinney later in the term. In Summer Term 2, students will be looking at diary entries from Orville and Wilbur Wright, and in turn, creating their own.



This term’s topics include learning about Harlow, followed by Planes and Cars in Summer Term 2. Students will be exploring the mechanisms and simple machines used to make cars move, as well as historically significant individuals and events that have taken place throughout Harlow’s history.


Key Days and Dates

Monday – Homework and Spellings Due

Tuesday and Wednesday – Butterflies P.E

Tuesday and Thursday – Ladybirds P.E

June 13th – Year 2 Assembly (both classes)

June 14th – Year 2 Music Festival (Throw away Lunch required)



Mr Grier, Mrs Dackombe, Miss Brookes and Mrs Whitbread