Year 2 - Butterflies and Ladybirds

Spring Term 2018


Dear Parent/Carers,


Thank you for an amazing first term! It has been nothing short of fantastic and the work that we are seeing from our students is truly wonderful. This comes down to great effort on both teacher and parental support, so thank you for all the work that you put in at home. We are looking forward to another great term.



This term in numeracy, students will be focusing on adding and subtracting with money, statistics (creating and interpreting pictograms, charts, and simple graphs), the properties of shapes (2D and 3D), fractions, and measurements. Students are also expected to become more fluent with their number facts to 20 and multiplication tables (2s,5s,10s)



We will be examining both fiction and non-fiction texts this term, including adventure stories and biographies. Students are expected to use various types of sentences and punctuation, as well as identify and spell regular and irregular past tense verbs.



In Spring Term 1, students will be exploring our solar system. Students will examine key historical events from the Apollo Moon landing to the launch of Tim Peake, while also constructing space stations, space suits, and rockets. In Spring 2, we will examine the lives and music of the Beatles where students will learn to play and sing along to classic songs from the rock group.



This term, students will be focusing on materials and their uses (Spring Term 1) and nutrition (Spring Term 2). Students are expected to be able to identify various materials, where they come from, and their function, while in Spring 2, students will learn the importance of a helthy, balanced diet.



Butterflies – Tuesday and Wednesday

Ladybirds – Tuesday and Thursday

Students are to bring a P.E kit on these day in order to ensure participation.



Year 2 Homework Project

To complement our studies in both Topic and Science, students are asked to make a spacesuit as their homework project this term. Students are encouraged to create this spacesuit using old or recycled materials. This is to be brought in for Tuesday February 6th, 2018 where students are expected to give a short presentation about their suit. Questions that should be answered in the presentation include:

What materials were used to make the suit? Why were these materials chosen?

What makes your suit special? (any special features that may be added)

Which planet is your outfit best suited for and why? (Have students think about their materials choices and justify why they have chosen them)


Mr. Grier, Miss. Mercer