After School Clubs

Cooks Spinney offers a variety of after school clubs. Please see below for a list of available clubs.

All clubs are free of charge. 

If your child would like to join a club, please ask for an application form at the school office.

Clubs held at Cooks Spinney begin at 3.15pm and finish at 4.15pm

Clubs held at Burnt Mill Academy begin at 3.30pm and finish between 4.30pm and 5pm  






Film Club  Mrs Rump, Mrs Goodge 2 to 6 Cooks Spinney Wed
Netball Club Miss McCalsiter, Miss Ameen, Miss Hutchinson 5 to 6 Cooks Spinney Tues
Drama Club

Miss McCalsiter, Miss Ameen

KS2 Cooks Spinney Thurs
Sewing Club  Mrs Jones  All  Cooks Spinney Mon 
Cricket Club Mr McEwan KS2 Cooks Spinney Mon
Dodgeball Club Mr Newby KS2 Cooks Spinney Tues
Football Club (3,4) Mr Proctor & Mr Dawes 3,4 Cooks Spinney Wed
Athletics Mr Grier 5,6 Cooks Spinney Tues
Rounders Mr McEwan 4,5,6 Cooks Spinney Thurs
Basketball Club Mr Newby KS2 Cooks Spinney Mon
Multi-sports Club Mr Newby KS1/R Cooks Spinney Fri
Taekwondo  Sensei Sullivan KS2 Cooks Spinney  Thurs
Tennis Club  Mr Dawes 5,6 Burnt Mill  Mon 
Boys Football Club  Mr Dawes 5,6 Burnt Mill  Mon
Cricket Club  Mr Dawes 5,6 Burnt Mill  Tues
Girls Football Club   BMAT Coaches KS2 Burnt Mill  Thurs
Primary Sports Club  BMAT Coaches  KS2 Burnt Mill  Fri