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PE and sport at Cooks Spinney

Children at Cooks Spinney are given lots of opportunities to participate in sports during and after school.  Some of the sports activities that have taken place over the last year include; netball, rounders, cricket, tag rugby, football, athletics, dodgeball, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, table tennis, badminton, cross country, basketball and taekwondo.
Physical Education and sporting opportunities are provided by Cooks Spinney for all children to:
·         foster an active lifestyle
·         encourage the enjoyment of PE and Sport
·         encourage active participation in PE and Sport
·         develop friendships and understand others, despite differences
·         understand the principle of teamwork
Cooks Spinney children will:
·         be active, and try new things
·         be included
·         have their needs met
·         be challenged
·         learn important life skills – resilience, integrity, respect, determination and courage
·         strive to improve their performance
·         learn skills together
·         compete as a member of a team
By offering lots of different sports clubs and building up our PE and sport resources, we are leaving a legacy for the school community for the future.  We have already established a reputation as a ‘sporty school’ over a relatively short time.  We will continue to ensure that all future children have the same opportunities as our current children receive now.
Last year we were awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Bronze Award which reflects the pride we take in offering children as many opportunities as possible to get involved in sport. We are providing many more opportunities for our children to participate in competitions, through BMAT events and festivals and also by regularly entering teams into to Harlow District Competitions.